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About Us

Dakota’s Dog Washing Service (DDWS) is created by Carletta Castillo. DDWS welcome all “Bully” Breeds. No more of getting the disapproving look from groomers/daycare’s that believes all the bad publicity about these breeds. Most “Bully” Breeds are known as American Staffordshire Terrier aka PitBull, Doberman Pinchers, and German Shepherds etc. Rest assured your cherished dog will be in great hands.


About the Owner



Carletta Castillo is a Washington State native growing up in Shoreline, WA and has also lived in the Washington, DC area for over 7 years. Her background has been in the hotel industry specializing in Sales/Marketing with over 20 years experience. Carletta has grown up with Doberman’s, German Shepherds, and Pit Bulls and has always had a great heart towards those breeds. Over the years part-time has trained/developed these dogs under the supervision of her father Ernest C. McKinney, Sr. 

Combined she has 10 years experience working with these breeds. With the bad publicity toward these breeds Carletta wanted to somehow make a difference. She enjoys washing dogs and have a great love towards all "Bully" Breeds. Combining those two passions Dakota's Dog Washing Service was created to accommodate those individuals that may have a challenging time getting their beloved dog washed without getting charged triple the cost of non-"bully" breed dogs.

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